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Am I expected to pay my account on the day of consultation?

Are our doctors NO gap providers?

Do Hunter Pain Specialists participate in online Medicare claims?

Workers Compensation - What does it mean to me?

Who can help me if I have a question regarding my account?

What part does a health fund play in my visit to Hunter Pain Specialists?

Why have I been referred to Hunter Pain Specialists?

How can you assess my pain?

How long does a referral last?

Can I speak to the doctors directly?

Can the pain clinic cure my pain?

How long will I need to attend the Hunter Pain Specialists?

Do you treat shingles and nerve pain?

Will I become addicted to pain medications?

What if I have problems over the weekend?

How do I get prescriptions if I run out on a Public Holiday or over the Christmas Holiday break?

Who arranges my day surgery admission?

What exactly does the Bookings Clerk do?

How does the day surgery staff manage my admission?

What is the difference between the day surgery and the Injection clinic?

Tell me about the nurses who look after me.

The doctor talked about a Spinal Cord Stimulator. What does this mean?

If I decide to proceed with the stimulator device, where is it done and who does it?

Where do I park at Lingard Private Hospital?

Do Hunter Pain Specialists use a cancellation list?

I’m from out of town. Can you recommend a place to stay if I need to?

Do you have other locations to see the doctor?

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