What is the difference between the day surgery and the Injection clinic?

You can use your health fund cover for the day surgery depending on your monthly premium and whether or not there is an excess or co-payment due. As part of Informed Financial Consent, you will be given item numbers for your procedure which you can check with your health fund.

If you do not belong to a health fund and want to have your procedure performed under an anaesthetic there will be a cost which will be disclosed to you prior to your booking. You can decide if you wish to proceed or not.

If you want to proceed and you cannot afford to have an anaesthetic, some procedures can be done without the anaesthetic. We call this the “the Injection Clinic.”

These injections are always done at the end of the list of patients having an anaesthetic. This is because the anaesthetist usually has an afternoon list somewhere else that he or she needs to attend.

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