If I decide to proceed with the stimulator device, where is it done and who does it?

The doctors have visiting rights at Lingard Private Hospital so you will be managed by the doctors you know. Procedures are performed Friday and Monday on a rotational basis and you will be advised of the costs involved. One of the nurses at Hunter Pain Specialists will manage your admission and provide you with all the information and forms you will need.

Before you go to the hospital, there are some things which need to be done to minimise your risk of infection, these include preoperative screening including blood tests, skin swabs and urine tests. You will be required to have a dental check-up and clean prior to admission. If any of your pathology results show infection, you will be advised by a Pain Management Nurse and you may be asked to take some antibiotics. You cannot proceed with your implant until you are free of infection.

A staff member from Lingard Private Hospital will contact you the afternoon before your procedure to confirm your admission and fasting times. Most patients will be discharged on the following day. Our Pain Management Nurses will call you during the next business day to enquire how you are doing.

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