How house plants benefit our wellbeing


Besides the interventional procedures and treatments available to patients, there are other aspects that also impact their experience of chronic pain such as occupational, financial and psychological factors.

We can use science to understand what we can do and it is within our control to improve our lives and cope better with challenging situations.

As an example, we can bring indoor plants to our home which in itself doesn’t seem much but a study from the University of Technology Sydney provided measurable evidence of the effects of indoor plants on occupants' mood states and feelings of well-being.

Luisa brimble 1 K Ypr L0 Kev E unsplash
Photo by Luisa Brimble on Unsplash.

They found plants brought a 37 per cent reduction in tension and anxiety, a 58 per cent reduction in depression and a 44 per cent reduction in anger and hostility.

Furthermore, the simple, mutually giving relationship between a plant and its human caretaker fosters positive feelings of confidence, as you’re responsible for the plant’s well-being and keeping it alive.


Jacobs, E. (2020, July 11). More than just decoration: The many health benefits of house plants. The Sydney Morning Herald.

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