Congratulations to The Brain Neuromodulation Research Program!


A huge congratulations to our incredible researchers from the Brain Neuromodulation Research Program Professor Christopher Dayas, Professor Brett Graham, A/Prof James Welsh, A/Prof Marc Russo and Dr Lizzie Manning on being awarded NHMRC Ideas Grants in the final round for 2022.

Their projects are:

Lead Investigator – Professor Christopher Dayas

Research Team member – Dr Elizabeth Manning

A new way to target stress-related mental health disorders. Australians have faced significant emotional trauma over the past two years. This project could lead to new studies and therapeutic opportunities.

Funding awarded: $831,378.50

Lead Investigator –Professor Brett Graham

Research Team members – A/Prof James Welsh & A/Prof Marc Russo

Decoding touch and pain in the spinal cord. This project will decode network-level signalling of touch and pain in the spinal cord by studying activity in large nerve cell networks using imaging and complex systems analysis.

Funding awarded: $738,587.00

Lead Investigator – Dr Elizabeth Manning

How a specific region of the brain contributes to obsessive-compulsive disorder. The research project will analyse how the two distinct functional neural populations in the striatum contribute to different disturbances in flexible behaviour relevant to OCD

Funding awarded: $644,116.00

An outstanding result and a terrific way to end the year!

Aliza Day | Administration Assistant (Tuesday & Thursday)

Brain Neuromodulation Research Program
School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy

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