30th of May - Multiple Sclerosis Day


‘I Connect, We Connect’

Today we celebrate World MS Day and we want to join the global MS community in raising awareness on how this disease affects millions of people.

A few facts about MS:

This year’s MS Day aims to challenge social barriers that leave people affected by MS feeling lonely and socially isolated. It is an opportunity to advocate for better services, celebrate support networks and champion self-care.

Connecting to self:

Self-care is crucial when living with a chronic condition. It’s important that you’re kind to yourself and identify approaches that help you manage the challenges of living with MS and the pain flares.

Strategies like mindfulness and meditation can assist you. We have a list of resources on our website that you may find useful:

MS Australia also has a wide range of publications, including some in different languages.

Connecting to others:

Building communities that support and nurture people affected by MS feel supported. It may help to connect with organisations like MS Australia, where you can meet other people diagnosed with MS, read about different treatment and access a multitude of resources.

Connecting to treatment:

While MS has no cure, there are treatments that can help you have a good quality of life. Among these are treatments that can help you manage your pain.

At Hunter Pain Specialists, we can support you by providing specialist advice on the best approach to treat your pain depending on the stage of your condition and your personal experience.

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