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Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis has garnered much press lately as a "wonder drug" and a "cure-all". Whilst the scientific evidence is evolving, early research suggests that although it is most definitely not a "cure-all" it does appear to have a role to play in certain type of neuropathic pain in certain people.

The best results for pain relief appear to be for treating nerve pain in patients who have suffered some form of injury or damage to the spinal cord followed by patients with more general nerve pain. It does not at this stage seem to help tissue or arthritis pain although more research needs to be done.

There are clearly some people that are not suited to this therapy and there are various groups that are not recommended for medicinal cannabis.

Like any drug, there is the potential for side effects and medicinal cannabis is no different.

If it is deemed appropriate to have a 3 month trial of the therapy then a TGA application is made for authorization number for the Pain Specialist to prescribe the chosen form of medicinal cannabis (CBD oil, THC/CBD oil).

Currently, medicinal cannabis is not on the PBS and significant out of pocket cost occurs for patients funding the pharmacy prescriptions themselves. There is currently no alternative to this.

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