September: Pain Awareness Month


Pain Awareness Month, an initiative of a coalition of organisations under the umbrella of Partners for Understanding Pain and spearheaded by the American Chronic Pain Association, is expanding its reach around the globe this September.

Similar to our National Pain Week, the original initiative began as a campaign to raise awareness about pain as a serious public health issue and to create greater understanding among health professionals, individuals and families, legislators and the wider community.

With a view to taking this agenda to the international community and policy makers, Partners for Understanding Pain will come together with the International Alliance of Patient Organizations and International Pain Management Network to identify key challenges to pain management and develop strategies to put pain on the international health agenda.

Partners for Understanding Pain wants to explore how member international organisations can build synergies and share information and resources; create opportunities to work together on problems critical to each group’s mission; build alliances and set strategies to increase understanding of issues faced when living with pain; and ensure a balanced approach to helping individuals manage pain so they can live fuller and more active lives.

To find out more about Pain Awareness Month click here and to learn more about the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations visit

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